Care & Treatment

Quality is very important for 34 ROSE. We ensure that our items are made of high-quality materials so they can be worn for a long period of time. All our jewelry is nickel-free and are made of various types of metals such as copper or brass. In addition, some items have a silver or golden plating. 

34 ROSE cannot guarantee that the silver or golden plating remains intact, also these items can lose their color over time. The rapidity and degree depend on amongst others, the PH-value of the skin, the degree of perspiration and the use of certain chemicals. .

In order to enjoy our jewelry as long as possible, we recommend to avoid contact with water and other moisture. We recommend to take your jewelry off before you go to sleep, before you take a shower or before exercising. Besides, we recommend to avoid contact with chemicals and likewise products such as perfume, soap, hair spray, salt water and silver polish.