34 ROSE wants to reduce its eco-footprint, because the future is now! Durability and minimalizing eco-impact on the world is an ongoing topic to which 34 ROSE is deeply committed.

34 ROSE offers timeless collections which are modern yet classic. Our carefully selected items are all extensively tested and meet our standards. We want to ensure that you are able to wear our items with a lot of joy and for a longer time period. In order to enjoy our jewelry, we attach a care guide to our items to extend the lifespan and to create new memories.

Our warehousing optimizes our stock and merchandise, to be able to offer you a fast-changing product line-up with high availability.
Our packaging, for example our jewelry boxes, comes from responsible sources with minimal environmental impact. All our packaging is FSC certified. We want to stimulate the re-use of materials and minimize waste – use our jewelry boxes to store your timeless items for a longer period.

We specifically choose not to have “free shipping” on returns to stimulate a more conscious way of shopping.  By minimizing transport we try to reduce impact on our environment and contribute to a more sustainable supply chain. Of course, it is possible to return an item within 14 days after receiving the order. If an item has been returned, most packaging will be re-used to minimalize waste.

34 ROSE is pro-active regarding reducing the eco-footprint and is always challenging our self to do better.